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PDC Bits



SV series steel body bits are designed for full-diameter drilling of vertical, directional and horizontal wells.

SM series matrix body bits feature superior wear resistance, which enables them to drill highly abrasive formations.


SBS series Bicenter bits are designed for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling concurrently with hole opening.

SСJS series bits are designed for sidetracking with water or mud circulation in an open well bore in medium hard formations with hard stringers.

The drill bits are used for rotor and turbine drilling or in a combination with downhole motors.


SC series PDC coreheads are designed for coring while drilling.

SCP series PDC stabilizers are designed for borehole reaming, improving drill bit and downhole motor performance.

PDC Bits

PDC Bits (Polycrystalline Diamond cutters Bits) are high-tech drill bits for drilling of water, oil, gas and geothermal wells. They are made of highly durable steel and reinforced with polycrystalline diamond cutters. Bit diameter and blade count determine selection of size and number of cutters. PDC bits at full weight on bit are 3 to 5 times more durable as compared to conventional roller cone bits, as their specific feature is record resistance to wear.

Due to the ever increasing volume of new oil and gas fields development, growing demand for fresh water and geothermal wells, the requirement for durable PDC bits of the latest generation is constantly increasing.

PDC bits have a number of advantages. First of all, they are distinguished by the lack of moving components in their design thus insuring that a part of the drill bit is not left in the rock in the process of drilling and accidents risk is reduced. PDC bits with distinguished durability provide almost no wear and higher performance, as well as enable to minimize axial load at high ROP.

This has greatly improved drilling performance in regards to ROP and footage, thus resulting in fewer trips.

Spiral gage provides better cleaning quality, as well as considerably reduced torque and enables the drill bit to avoid whirls. Drill bit stabilizing design features reduce vibration, eliminate the risk of cutters breakage, enable to enhance directional control when steering a given course of a well path.

All of this allows drillers to reduce the cost of 1 meter drilled.

You can buy from us drill bits in the size range of 88.9mm to 311 mm.



Drill Bit Services offered by SERVIK include:
1. Analysis of conditions and efficiency of existing wells drilling.
2. Development of personal bit program comprising optimized and accurate tools selection for customer’s specific technical, technological and geological conditions.
3. Continuous provision of rock cutting tools.
4. Site supervision by highly qualified specialists.
5. Application engineering services.
6. Regular drillability tests to define the best drilling solutions when rocks change.
7. Monitoring of the actual bit performance providing the bit run report.
8. Feasibility study with recommendations for further work.
9. Timely tools modernization to achieve the customer’s objectives.
SERVIK offers a complete drill bit service enabling not only to avoid unnecessary purchases of bits after their failure, but to accurately plan drilling costs. The benefit of such cooperation is obvious, as it makes it possible to considerably reduce operating costs, to avoid the risk of untimely inquiries for bits purchase, deliveries failure and the purchase of low-quality tools. SERVIK partners are safe from unskilled tools application, because the proposed service includes training of the customer's staff to all methods of efficient tools application. At that, the well construction period is considerably reduced.


Servik is a company with extensive experience in repair of PDC bits and coreheads with steel and matrix bodies. In the repearing we use premium materials and components purchased in the United States, China, Russia, and attract the best specialists.
PDC bits repair is a closed process, consisting of the following:
• sandblasting
• inspection
• removal of cutters to rotate or replace
• heating and soldering
• cleaning of the remaining solder
• grinding
• final inspection
• painting and preparation for shipment.
Timely restoration of dull PDC bits extends their service life almost twice, thus considerably saving the budget, as there is no need to often buy new bits.
SERVIK accepts for repair PDC bits from different manufacturers. At no cost, we define recoverability of a bit and begin the process of its repair as soon as the cost of work is agreed with the customer.


1. Cooperation on consignment basis. (The customer is provided with the required quantity of bits for the stated period. The payment is made only for actually used drill bits).
2. Provision of services while drilling with the payment for the actual meters drilled.
3. Development of a requirements specification for the manufacture of the requested bit type and design in accordance with the borehole log.
4. Fast delivery. SERVIK has its own production facility and therefore has a stock of a large range of drill bits and promptly delivers them to replace the failed or dull bits.
5. Repair of drill bits held on lease from our company at no cost for you - the lessor rebuilds at his expense his drill bits worn in a natural way.


Group of companies “BGK” has developed a new product line of PDC bits under trade name SERVIK.
SERVIK manufactures the following types of Fixed Cutter Bits:
• PDC Bits with steel or matrix bodies;
• Impregnated Bits;
• Natural Diamond Bits;
• BiCenter Bits with steel or matrix bodies;
• Coreheads with steel or matrix bodies for coring;
• Bits with steel or matrix bodies for sidetracking.
We manufacture our products using novel techniques and the latest up-to-date equipment of the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. When developing drill bit designs, we use 3D models based on sophisticated simulation and optimization technologies (Impetro DDS), which enables us to develop optimum bit design for specific applications and minimize the drilling cost.
Tough design with multiple blades provides an excellent balance, ensuring smooth drilling at high ROP. Thus, SERVIK drill bits suit well for both high performance drilling rigs and high RPM downhole motors. Currently SERVIK bits are available with 3, 4, 5, and 6 blades.




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